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Senior Loan Officer

NMLS # 552531



Mark is a graduate of Emory University and has nearly two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. He joined Shelter Home Mortgage in 1999.
He is a Senior Loan Officer and was awarded the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia Gold Award in 2015 and 2016. 

GA License # 36068

I was extremely nervous about securing our first mortgage. Working with Mr. King put me at ease quickly. He offered great communication, interpersonal skills, and excitement. This journey has been educational, fast, and a dream come true for my family. Thanks-a-million!
Nicole B.
Shelter Home Mortgage, specifically, Mr. Mark King, provided nothing less than optimal services. He was very informative and answered all my questions with much patience and ease. Mr. King made the home loan process very painless and he was readily available every step of the way.
Virginia H.
Mark King provided very clear information about financial options and worked closely with me to optimize a loan that best fit my needs. Personal attention is rare today, and all the more appreciated as a result. Thanks for a stellar experience.


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