Loan Officer

NMLS # 1777454


Phillip AlAqhash joined Shelter Home Mortgage in May of 2022. He is a Loan officer with the Darrell Edquist Team, who have served their community for over 30 years and have consistently originated volumes in excess of 50 million dollars annually. Phillip received President's Club designations in 2019 and 2020 for outstanding success in Mortgage Origination. The Darrell Edquist Team has won Shelter's President's Award for the last two years and has received the MBAG Diamond or Platinum Awards multiple times demonstrating consistent excellence in their field.

Phillip is an Ohio native who studied commerce and finance receiving his Bachelor of Science in 2018 from Concordia University in Montreal Canada.

He currently resides in Central Florida where he has lived for the past 4 years. In his free time, Phillip enjoys relaxing on the beach with his wife Tina, playing pickup games of basketball, and reading whenever he cannot get outdoors.